Italian jazz diva Greta Panettieri releases her remastered songbook “Collection”

After having collected a long series of sold out shows abroad and in Italy with her last tours “Shattered-Sgretolata” and “ Non Gioco Più”, Greta has decided to enclose her personality and polyhedric talent in a new unique album.  Out December 10th “Collection” the album, a sweet  remastered edition of her best interpretations, both her well known hits but also some more obscure “goodies” from her first albums.
Greta’s musical story starts at a very young age, studying violin and piano at classical Conservatory in Perugia, she started preforming professionally at age 15. She moved to New York City right after high school- her experience in the US is documented in nice comic book titled ”Viaggio in Jazz”. In the US Greta’s vocal skills are noticed by major lable DECCA/Universal Music Group that will release her debut album “The Edge of Everything” in 2010.
Following she will be busy on a European tour opening Joe Jackson’s concerts and many collaborations with world’s greatest musicians as such as Larry Williams, Diane Warren, Curtis King, Terri Lynn Carrington, Mitch Forman, Robert Irvin III, Toninho Horta and many more. Once she moved back to Italy, Greta founded her own Label and released an amazing tribute to Mina, Italy’s most famous singer from the Sixties, that enchanted both critics and public. Since then she never stopped touring, Russia, China, Europe and of course all major festivals and clubs in Italy 

To support Greta Panettieri during her career we always find her partner in music and in life, producer and pianist Andrea Sammartino – who has always taken care of arrangements and production for Greta’s music and whom has also worked on this remastering project.

The idea to remaster a collection of Greta’s songs at 96.000 hz 24bit came to do justice to the role of Sound in all its expressive qualities. Precisely for this reason, in addition to customary presence in all digital stores (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music), you will be able to download a High Quality version of “Collection” on Greta’s website: Anybody will be able to find an exclusive edition in “flac”: a very high definition format that will allow the listener to fully enjoy the experience. Among the 12 songs on the tracklist, we recognize musicians who have always supported Greta during her recording career: from the brazilians Mauricio Zottarelli, Itaiguara Brandão and Neney Santos, to Curtis King Jr. (well know worldwide for being one of Bruce Springsteen’s excellent vocalist of the E-Street Band), to Fabrizio Bosso. And again: Daniele Mencarelli, Alessandro Paternesi, Max Ionata, Crstiano Arcelli, Francesco Puglisi, Giuseppe Bassi, Alfonso Deidda, Stefano Tamborrino, Gaetano Partipilo as well as some amazing co-songwriters: Piji, Jennie Booth and Claudio Gregori.

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